ETHICS & accountability

If you hear or read something that makes you uncomfortable, sends up a red flag, or just plain makes you angry, then ethics probably matters to you.  You want your leaders to be accountable to basic standards of decency, to ethical behavior, and to equal treatment of all people. 


At Salt Lake Indivisible, we embrace our diversity as a state and nation and feel that policies should reflect respect for all people.  

ethics under attack

One of America’s most important institutions is the Presidency.  Whoever occupies that office represents our values as Americans, both within our own country and to the world. 


In his first months in office, Donald J. Trump has consistently demonstrated flagrant disregard for basic ethical norms. He has violated not only the basic norms of human decency but also the elevated standards befitting the leader of the free world...  

  • He lies and propagates fake news;

  • He disregards the rule of law;

  • He demeans women, people of color, immigrants, and people with disabilities;

  • He undermines our basic democratic institutions. 


None of this is normal, and we must not let it become so. This untenable situation calls us to action!  

Our system of government depends on “We the People” and our readiness to hold our government accountable.  We know when behavior is not “normal,” not fair, not “American,” not “constitutional.”  Unless we stand up and speak up, the abnormal will become normal.  That is not a path we want to take.


Resistance is a patriotic act.  Whether you have the amazing good fortune to be a U.S. citizen or not, it’s time we all pitch in and do our part! If you like to write letters to the editor and such, this group is for you.


November 8: We encourage all members of this team to attend the Letters to Editor Writing Workshop hosted by Action Utah.