About Us



SLI is a locally-led, grassroots group of Utahns who hold dear the ideals of our democratic republic. We support fact-based policies that respect the rule of law; strengthen American institutions; and treat all people with common decency. 




We speak up for the fundamental principles of our republic; we strive towards one nation, indivisible.


We work towards electing public officials who fairly represent the diversity of Utah’s changing population and are responsive to their constituents.


We concentrate on competitive races for public office, both in primary and general elections. We support candidates who:


  • demonstrate respect for people, laws, and institutions;

  • accept scientific consensus;

  • protect and advocate for voting rights;

  • defend the unwritten norms of our democracy as well as the mandates of the US Constitution; and

  • work collaboratively to solve our nation’s problems. 

We focus on registering, educating, and mobilizing Utahns to vote.



Salt Lake Indivisible came into being in January 2017 when Joanne Slotnik and Lincoln Hobbs met to discuss what they might do with their fears and frustrations about the new Trump presidency.  They feared for the rule of law and were increasingly frustrated by the President’s lack of respect for the institutions and values of our democratic republic.


Both had read The Indivisible Guide, an online document created by former congressional staffers. The Guide argued that ordinary citizens had power; they just needed to harness and use it. 


Joanne and Link quickly acknowledged that whining to family and friends would not change anything.  Indeed, it didn’t even make them feel better.  So they decided to follow the Guide, create a local Indivisible group, and see what might happen. They put up a Facebook page and invited a few dozen friends to join a new grassroots group, Salt Lake Indivisible.  Friends invited friends, and three days later Salt Lake Indivisible had over 400 members.  


2017 was marked by numerous demonstrations, weekly noontime visits to the offices of Utah’s senators, town hall meetings, thousands of calls to Utah’s congressional delegation, and hundreds of postcards written.  The work was exhausting and sometimes rewarding, but the group ended the year wanting to have more impact.


In 2018, SLI shifted its focus to nonpartisan voter registration.  In the end, over 200 trained volunteers registered over 10,000 voters, many of them young people voting for the first time.  This initiative was hugely successful, creating a team of committed activists and altering electoral outcomes.


Moving into 2019, SLI is stronger than ever. Members will continue to monitor Utah’s congressional delegation and will also participate as citizen activists in the state legislative session.  Voter registration and education will continue throughout the year.  And, as events occur, SLI will respond. 


As a grassroots group, SLI welcomes all who aspire to citizen activism at a time our country needs it the most.